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 Flawless Owners

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PostSubject: Flawless Owners   Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:15 am

Hello, As in a Beginner in Flawless, I have experienced much more already, As in, Joining other RSPS, And of course, Runescape itself, I have experienced these Typical Clans, As a beginner and not good with the Colored and Bold words, I would just like to form this simple Pking Clan.

DOs or DON'Ts

Do (Wear proper clothing in the Wilderness.)
Do (Lend items to trusted players.)
Don't (Multi-Clan without permission.)
Don't (Impersonate Leader's.)
Don't (Make our Members mad.)

Armor or Weapons

Ghostly Hood and Robe top. (Hat and Top Shirt)
Black D'Hide Chaps and Black D'hide Vambraces. (Pants and Gloves)
Rune Crossbow. (Weapon)
Amulet of Accuracy. (Amulet)
Climbing Boots. (Boots)
Ava's Accumulator. (Backpack)
Holy or Unholy Book. (Shield)
300 Runite Bolts. (Ammunition)

Helm of Neitiznot. (Helmet Gear)
Armadyl Chestplate and Armadyl Plateskirt. (Top Shirt and Pants)
Highest level of Barrows Gloves. (Gloves)
Ranger Boots. (Boots)
Runite Crossbow or Hand Cannon. (Weapon)
Hand Cannon Shots or Runite Bolts. (Ammunition)
Fire Cape. (Cape)
Unholy Book *If you wear a Runite Crossbow* (Shield)
Amulet of Fury. (Amulet)

Rune Full Helm. (Helmet)
Rune Platebody and Rune Platelegs. (Top Shirt and Pants)
Middle level of Barrows Gloves. (Gloves)
Climbing Boots. (Boots)
Dragon Scimitar. (Weapon)
Red Cape. (Cape)
Unholy Book. (Shield)
Amulet of Strength. (Amulet)

Helm of Neitiznot. (Helmet)
Fighter's Torso and Dragon Platelegs or Bandos Tassets. (Top Shirt and Pants)
Highest level of Barrows Gloves. (Gloves)
Dragon Boots. (Boots)
Abyssal Whip and Dragon Claws or Armadyl Godsword. (Weapon)
Fire Cape. (Cape)
Divine Spirit Shield. *If your wearing Abyssal Whip.* (Shield)
Amulet of Fury. (Amulet)


Attacker / Tank:

Supporter / Protector:



Attackers / Tankers are given one task, To kill the remaining target at all costs, Once given this task, You will eliminate the person A.S.A.P., If you succeed or fail, Please report to all the Leader's, Co-Leader's and High Rank people online, Once given another task, You will finish it again. If you fail, You will be faced with no Consequences unless if you fail more than 20 times, If they go and run away, That doesn't count as a fail, That counts as your enemy forfeiting, Therefore, Each kill, We will grant you with Coins.

Supporters / Protectors are given numerous of tasks, They will support all the Attackers / Tankers from letting their enemy run away, They will Tele-Block, and run away to a safe distance spot and let the Attacker fulfill his duty, If given a task, You will be paired up with anyone in this Clan who is an Attacker that's online and fulfill your task, Please don't mess this up, One mistake can lead to another. Also, We will support you with everything you need for the Task.

Sacrificers are given One specific Task, They will search for Attackers / Tankers / Supporters / Protectors / Defenders to see if any of them is on low health and is out of food, If you see one of them run away, This means you need to go in there with some Gear, Not expensive gear, And fight them off, Which will make them mad and Possibly make them run also, Which means you have fulfilled your Task and are free until given another Task.

Defenders are given numerous of tasks, They will Defend if anyone tries to interfere with the Attackers / Tankers fight, Meaning, You will be similar to a Supporter / Protector, And also, You are given gear and you will be supported with anything needed for the task.

Tasks Given:

Registration Form

Real Name:
Why should you join this Pking Clan:
What can you contribute to help make this Clan better:
Do you really want to join:
Are you Impatient or Patient:
Will you follow all the Rules Given Below:


You must wear Appropriate Clothing to the Wilderness or we will attack you at all costs.
You must add all your Members in case you attack them on accident.
Leaders and High Ranks can and will kick you out of the Clan for a Reason.
You shall not do anything wrong while in this Clan.
Once given 3 Warnings = Infraction, You will be Suspended from this Clan for 1 week.


Volcomboy216 (High Rank Leader)


High Rank:


Beginner Pker:


Always follow all rules, And once applying, There's no going back, I expect everyone in this Clan to have fun and get along with each other.

Yes, You may feel free to Private Message me if your Member is misbehaving or if you see your Member doing some rude stuff, Don't hesitate to Private Message me.

Have Fun in this Clan!

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PostSubject: Re: Flawless Owners   Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:49 am

This was copy and pasted from a thread from a different Private-Server. Make your own material please. I always freak out when people attempt to get credit while reposting other guides, so don't be a 'Just Naughty'.

Although you reposted this, i read it and can't understand what the hell you mean, if you're staring a clan, or i don't know. But it's very confusing, try lightening it up a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Flawless Owners   Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:17 am

I never used a Copy and Paste, It took me like 30 minutes to finish this, And Eternal, I don't really know how to lighten it up yet, Rebelzz, Just saying, Because I started to think about this, And no, Never copied it. Made it out of my own words.
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PostSubject: Re: Flawless Owners   Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:51 am

You can add text affects by looking at the top of the post, above the text is a bar of icons, on the far left side are three in a row, an "A" with a shadow, a color pallet and just an "A". That is where you can find the text modifiers for your posts. Hope this helped.

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PostSubject: Re: Flawless Owners   

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Flawless Owners
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