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 Border patrol

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PostSubject: Border patrol   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:37 am

This is a multi pk clan (so we will most likely fight other clans if there is any) and you must be between level 115 and 126 to join,but as there is no other clans at this moment we will just be fighting 1 v 1.

If you wish to join fill out this "form" and post it below.

First name: (you do not have to post your surname for privacy reasons)
In-game name:
Combat level:
Speciality: (for example if you are a rich player you will have good equiptment or if you prefer mage, range or melee (or all of them))
What weapon would you use in the wild: (you do not accualy have to own the weapon you would like to use, but if i have the weapon i can lend it to you)
What armour would you use: (again you do not have to accualy have this and if i can provide you with it i will)

If you join the clan and are a trusted member you will have the ability to lend these items for wilderness fights:
1 x Ags
10 x Full bandos armour
2 x Full armadyl range armour
10 x Full infinity mage armour
1 x Saradomin sword
1 x Fury
1 x Dark bow
If you lend any of these items and lose them in the wild i will not expect the cash back for them but you will be out of the clan.

For any duel arena stake fight's you may lend any of the following items:
Dragon claws.
Chaotic maul.
Any barrows set.
Dragon fire shield.
Archers ring.
Berserker ring.

And the most loyal members of the clan will be able to lend these item's so you can look cool:
Santa hat.
Green party hat.
Tyra's helm.

Here is my "form" if anyone wanted to see what it looks like

First name: Sean.
In-game name: Girl.
Combat level: 124.
Speciality: I am very rich so i can provide then clan with weapons and i am the greatest 1 v 1 fighter ever, if you dont belive me i will own your ass at the duel arena.
What weapon would you use in the wild: chaotic maul with dragon claws.
What armour would you use: Ahrims top and bottoms with nez helm, fire cape, fury, barrows gloves and dragon boots.

Thank you

Members of border patrol:

Girl - M4ul3r.
Hadesflames - Creator of fire.
Im solid - The tank.

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PostSubject: Re: Border patrol   Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:11 pm

First name: Simon
In-game name: Hadesflames
Combat level: 123
Specialty: Range
What weapon would you use in the wild: ( I would not necessarily use it in wild but Spears are my favorite weapons)
What armour would you use:Armadyl armour

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PostSubject: Re: Border patrol   Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:48 pm

First name: Tom
In-game name: Im Solid
Combat level: 121
Specialty: being a pro. mage? sure range? sure melee? sure
What weapon would you use in the wild: The best one i had. probs vls.
What armour would you use: bandos or mage gear if i was tbing for example.
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PostSubject: Re: Border patrol   

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Border patrol
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