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 Hoping's Moderator application

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PostSubject: Hoping's Moderator application   Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:09 pm

First and last name: Corey Bryant

Country and Timezone: United States, (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Rank you are applying for: Moderator

Forum or In-Game: In-Game

Reason for applying: The reason I am applying is because I wish to help out more, player wise, server wise, ect.. I am able to be on almost 24/7, whenever help is needed I'll be there if I am not busy with other things, I wish to better the community and help out in anyway possible.

previous experience: My previous experience drives back to 2007 when I started playing Moparscape servers, it wasn't until mid 07 that I became a Moderator on this server, I helped and did anything I could to better the server. After awhile, I soon was trusted enough to be ranked up to Administrator, which then I began helping more and more through out the server, sadly the server got shut down by the owner. Thus causing me to move on to another server where I worked my way up to becoming a Moderator on there, then soon became an Administrator, I helped out as much as I could and was on as much as needed. I've been a Moderator at least ten times within five years of playing Moparscape servers, been Administrator at least four or five times, I have been co-owner at least twice upon two different servers. Now I have been demoted a few times, due to me abusing my powers but I have learned by my mistakes and have taken it upon myself to change, to change for the better of the community of any server and for myself.

Side notes: I'll do my best to help out whenever help is needed, try to bring in as many people as possible to flourish the server and make it grow to something bigger and better, community wise. If I am busy with other things, then I'll try my best to handle the other persons problem as soon as possible, if not, I'll direct him/her towards the nearest Moderator, Administrator or Owner/Co-Owner that isn't busy doing something else. Most of the times, I'll just be standing at home watching what is going on, trying to catch anyone who is abusing, glitching, scamming, ect.. I would be happy to be apart of the Flawless staff team and help out in anyway possible.

I am sorry if my application is a bit early, I know I have only played the server for about a day or two. I know I didn't give off a lot of detail on the 'Reason for applying' part.
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Hoping's Moderator application
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