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 vBulletin Is Finally Here!

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PostSubject: vBulletin Is Finally Here!   Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:46 am

Well ladies and gentlemen, after long hours of doing absolutely nothing except talk to Aleksandr from FP and pester Calvin and Jakob about buying the new domain, our vBulletin forum is purchased and ready for use!!! Although all that's left is to change the website address, the forum is available to you members and I encourage you to post there instead of here. If you are a current staff member (IE: Moderator, Administrator, Developer, Donator, etc.) let me know and I will give you your rank back. If you lie about having a rank, one: I will call you on it since I know who has what rank, and two: I will give you your very first infraction! What a happy day for you! So yeah guys the link to the new vBulletin forum will be below, have fun and vote everyday!

New forum:
Vote link (just a reminder):

Also, this is just a notice; the links for the "Forum, Play Now, Buy Items, Vote, and Highscores" are all messed up so do not click on those yet, I will let you know when they are updated.

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vBulletin Is Finally Here!
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